The CCMA’s have once again come and gone. Country Music Week is like Christmas or a family reunion for those of us working in the industry. There’s always the kooky aunt, the too drunk girlfriend, the person you barely recognize – it’s always fun. It’s also fun for the fans. I love seeing events like FanFest and the green carpet where people are out to catch a glimpse of the artists they love. The energy in Rexall Place last Sunday night was amazing. There’s a lot of people and preparation that happens to make an award show successful.

It was an amazing weekend in Edmonton celebrating all the talent we have in Canada. Along with the incredible talent we have, comes some major egos. What’s was up with all the ungracious losers this year? Nobody should ever go to award show expecting to win an award. If you’re going to the show expecting to walk up on that stage, you probably shouldn’t be there.

If you missed it during the live broadcast, cameras caught a very ungracious loser in the audience, mumbling something with quite a sourpuss face on. How embarrassing for them.

Have artists not learned anything from the infamous 2006 CMA Awards when Faith Hill lost ‘Female Vocalist of the Year’ to Carrie Underwood?

Ouch. How awkward for Faith. (Of course her team said she was joking – but, i’m still not buying it.)

Another moment in the show occurred when the audience all stood for the winner of an award. Noticeably NOT standing  was one of the nominees. Eventually, the artist did decide to stand up and clap for the winner – but it was way too late. It felt like a tacky display of an inflated ego.

All isn’t always sunshine and rainbows in the world of country music – not here in Canada and definitely not across the border. I think the television show ‘Nashville’ has taught those who watch it that. There’s some real accurate things happening in that show that happen in the business. About 95% of the artists I’ve worked with are real, honest, genuine people – or they’re really good actors.

I guess the lesson here is don’t expect to win at award shows. Of course, everyone is disappointed when they don’t win an award. You hope for it, but you should never expect it. Everyone wants to win that award just as much as the other.

Another lesson, especially for artists, be careful during live television, you don’t know what the camera is catching – and if the camera didn’t catch it, someone around you did.