Jim Cuddy & Gord Bamford

Blue Rodeo’s Jim Cuddy Interviews Gord Bamford at the CCMA Awards

Jim Cuddy and Gord Bamford’s performance of their new song ‘Ain’t It Grand’ on the CCMA Awards show was most certainly a highlight. Before the show, we spoke to Jim Cuddy and Gord Bamford about how the collaboration came to be. Little did we know, Cuddy would take the lead on interviewing Bamford, making this one of our favourite John Deere Green Carpet interviews.

‘Ain’t It Grand’ is an ode to Canada wrapped up in a classic country song. With lyrics like “Hockey night on Saturday, Don Cherry & Ron MacLean” to “cup of Tim’s in the console”, you’ll be beaming with Canadian pride while listening.

Watch as Blue Rodeo’s Jim Cuddy interviews Gord Bamford at the CCMA Awards John Deere Green Carpet:


Watch their CCMA Awards show performance here:

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