Laurie LeBlanc publicity photo

Laurie LeBlanc Releases New Single “I’ve Never Known”

Laurie LeBlanc, a New Brunswick based country artist, recently released his new single “I’ve Never Known” from his album When It’s Right It’s Right. The single speaks to that indescribable feeling when you know you’ve found “the one”. The song’s roots are traditional country with plucking guitar, a touch of twang and, of course, the truth.

Listen to When It’s Right It’s Right here.

Laurie LeBlanc album artwork for When It's Right It's Right

The song can be described as “a cocktail of Brad Paisley bourbon, poured over Blake Shelton on the rocks, mixed in a Kenny Chesney tumbler”.

Laurie LeBlanc’s wife and manager was instrumental his pursuit of creating an English language album. His previous offerings with his group Zarico produced two full-length French albums. “I needed to step out of my comfort zone”, says Laurie LeBlanc, “I’ll always love singing in French , and cherish the support I get from my francophone audience”. LeBlanc was recently recognized with a nomination for Country Recording of the Year at the 2021 East Coast Music Association awards.