Clayton Bellamy & The Congregation

New Project: Clayton Bellamy & The Congregation

Clayton Bellamy, lead singer and founding member of The Road Hammers, is starting an exciting new project that will surely turn some heads. Clayton Bellamy & The Congregation can be described as a high-octane blend of gospel, R&B and riff-driven hard rock. Bellamy wanted to do something fresh, exciting, and out of his comfort zone. That’s how this venture was born.

“I felt I had to shed my skin and do something that spoke to where I was now, to strip away fifteen years of writing country songs and draw from a completely different well.” says Bellamy. “It’s like I’ve finally found my music, a combination of the blues, rock and gospel; a mixture of all my favourite bands in one.”

The first single, Commandment #11 (Love Someone), is available on all streaming and digital download services.  The forthcoming album entitled “Welcome To The Congregation (Anthem)” preaches peace, love, and understanding.

Clayton Bellamy is no stranger to success as he is a member of The Road Hammers; the highest selling Canadian country band in history. His signature blazing guitars and unmatched urgency as a vocalist paired with jagged rock and roll edges make this new project a no-holds-barred reboot.

Listen below to the first single and get lost in this undeniably raw and powerful new look from Clayton Bellamy!