Party Girl?


Jana Kramer may be a triple threat soon – she’s an actress and singer but could she be adding ‘professional party girl’ to her resume?

I’ve recently heard rumours that Jana is being labeled that by some of her peers. Of course, there’s nothing wrong with Jana (or anyone for that matter) enjoying some drinks (in moderation) and having a great time. The situation gets a little tricky because fiancé Brantley Gilbert has been sober for over a year. Brantley recently spoke about his sobriety:  “I felt like I could be more productive if I didn’t drink, and it wasn’t something I really needed in my life. I don’t need anything to have a good time or be a hell-raiser. I was born one. I actually have a really good support system. People around me have been really cool.”

As a side note, Jana’s marriage to Brantley will be her third. As the saying goes; the third time’s the charm.

Jana’s current single is “I Hope It Rains” and she is on the “Ten Times Crazier Tour” with the king of drinking, Blake Shelton.

Do you think Jana’s partying will affect Brantley’s sobriety? How should couples handle a situation like Brantley and Jana’s? Let us know in the comment section below.