Pick Of The Week: Kip Moore’s Wild Ones

Everybody raise your glass to Kip Moore! His new album ‘Wild Ones’ has been on repeat since its release on August 21st. Between the lead single ‘I’m Too Blame’, catchy title track and softer ‘Comeback Kid’ it’s hard to pick our favourite track. What we do know is that with 13 new ways to enjoy Kip’s edgy and powerful voice, ‘Wild Ones’ has definitely proven to be worth the wait!

‘Wild Ones’ Track List:
1. “Wild Ones” (Kip Moore, Chris DeStefano, Brett James)
2. “Come and Get It” (Moore, James, Manny Medina)
3. “Girl of Summer” (Moore, Troy Verges, Blair Daly)
4. “Magic” (Moore, Westin Davis, Luke Dick)
5. “That Was Us” (Moore, Davis, Dan Couch)
6. “Lipstick” (Moore, Justin Weaver, David Frasier, Davis)
7. “What Ya Got on Tonight” (Moore, Verges, Daly)
8. “Heart’s Desire” (Moore, Couch, Adam Browder, Erich Wigdahl)
9. “Complicated” (Moore, DeStefano, Rodney Clawson)
10. “I’m to Blame (Moore, Weaver, Davis)
11. “That’s Alright With Me” (Moore, Couch, Dick)
12. “Running for You” (Moore, Verges, Daly)
13. “Comeback Kid” (Moore, Erik Dylan, Ross Copperman, Jeff Hyde)

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