Pick of the Week: Lambert’s ‘Broken Heart’


Miranda Lambert has been raising eyebrows for years. She placed 3rd on the first season of Nashville Star back when she was 17 and had two albums long before she had a #1 hit with ‘White Liar’ off her 3rd album Revolution. She had a brand of country music all her own and made sure people knew she was here to stay.

Her new single ‘Mama’s Broken Heart’ is reminiscent of the Lambert we saw before she really “hit it big”, having the same feel to it as ‘Crazy Ex-Girlfriend’ and ‘Kerosene’. I personally really dig this side of Lambert. It’s always fresh and distinctive. So many female artists try to pull off that “tough girl” image that she has locked into place. She’s the original, in my opinion, the only one that it comes across as authentic onstage and on the radio.

Kudos to Miranda for getting back to this type of song, showing her fans that she is still the same artist and intends to keep it that way. Yet, we see her growth into a more well-rounded artist. Perfection.


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