Pick of the Week – Robyn Ottolini “Say It”

Robyn Ottolini – Say It

Robyn Ottolini returns with her new single ‘Say It’, co-written with Nate Miles & Emily Falvey. Robyn states that her cowriters helped her create a song that speaks to all the nice things you wish your partner would say to you, but instead, saying them to yourself. In her new single, self-love is important and Ottolini embodies that in a poignant chorus:

I hate that he messed up my head
When I could’ve used a compliment
So I take the shit I wish he’d said
And say it to myself, I say it to myself instead

This song serves as a great reminder that loving yourself comes first, no matter what. ‘Say It’ by Robyn Ottolini is our official Pick of the Week for June 3, 2022.

Listen: https://robynottolini.lnk.to/sayit