Pick of the Week: “If I Drink This Beer” – Will Chase


This week’s Pick of the Week“If I Drink This Beer” is from this week’s episode of Nashville, “I’m Not That Good At Goodbye”. It’s performed by Will Chase AKA Luke Wheeler and was written by Jonathan Singleton and Brad Tursi who along with Melissa Peirce also wrote Tyler Farr’s “A Guy Walks Into A Bar”. 

The minute I heard it I knew I’d be listening to it over and over again this week, and I have been. Besides being the perfect song for the current Luke/Rayna storyline it’s basically just a great breakup song from the male perspective. But regardless of your gender I think most people can relate to it with lyrics like:

If I drink this beer I’ll probably have two or three
If I know me, I’ll be digging up the past like its money in the backyard
If I drink this beer I know it going to seem like a good idea
To call you up in the middle of the night tell you how I feel
So I should just put it down
The last thing I need to do tonight
Is push my luck, drunk, all messed up
Tell you how bad you need my love

Watch this clip below (or download it on iTunes here) and let me know what you think in the comments below.