Reviewed: Tim McGraw’s “Sundown Heaven Town”

Review By: Shenieka Russell-Metcalf

Artist: Tim McGraw
Album: Sundown Heaven Town
Label: Big Machine Records

Sundown Heaven Town is the thirteenth studio album by one of country music’s most famous artists, Tim McGraw. Released on Tuesday, the album proves to listeners that McGraw isn’t slowing down, he is still releasing quality country music with a twist.

Two singles from the album that have already been released to radio are the catchy summer song “Lookin’ For That Girl” and “Meanwhile Back at Mama’s” featuring his lovely wife and fellow country superstar Faith Hill. Both songs have had a lot of success in both the Canadian and US markets.

My favourite on this album is “Kids Today” talking about just what the title says, it’s a powerful song that many people of my generation will appreciate.

Two stand out songs: “Diamond Rings and Old Barstools” featuring Catherine Dunn, their voices mesh perfectly together with breathtaking harmonies. On “Portland, Maine”, Tim’s voice has this genuine rawness and tone that suits this song well.

“City Lights” is a great catchy song written by one of Canada’s best singer/songwriters Deric Ruttan, give it a listen!

Track Listing of Deluxe Edition:

1. Overrated
2.   City Lights
3.   Shotgun Rider
4.   Dust
5.   Diamond Rings and Old Barstools ft. Catherine Dunn
6.   Words Are Medicine
7.   Sick of Me
8.   Meanwhile Back at Mama’s ft. Faith Hill
9.   Keep On Truckin’
10.  Last Turn Home
11.  Portland, Maine
12.  Lookin’ for That Girl
13.  Still on the Line
14.  Lincoln Continentals and Cadillacs ft. Kid Rock
15.  Kids Today
16.  I’m Feelin’ You
17.  The View
18.  Black Jacket

Tim has always been one of my favourites and the fact that he is still relevant, creating wonderful music is amazing. On this album, he takes chances with his lyrics, sound and voice, but it certainly pays off when listening to the final product. Sundown Heaven Town is an A+ effort with a good balance of songs for both traditional and new country listeners.

McGraw is currently finishing the last leg of his Sundown Heaven Town tour finishing off in November in Nevada.  To purchase, Sundown Heaven Town visit iTunes or in your local music store.