Harper Grae is certainly one to watch! Her current single ‘Free’ shows off her soulful voice and dynamic melodies. Today, she released a special song ‘Dear Daddy’, just in time for Father’s Day.

However, this isn’t the typical Father’s Day song.  ‘Dear Daddy,’ a very personal song to Harper, was written with Nashville Songwriter Hall of Fame member Pat Alger (‘The Thunder Rolls,’ ‘Small Town Saturday Night’ ‘Unanswered Prayers’). Additionally, Harper Grae just released a live performance video for ‘Dear Daddy’ featuring Alger on guitar and shot at the iconic Bluebird Cafe in Nashville.


TC: What inspired you to write ‘Dear Daddy’?

Harper Grace: Inspiration came from a letter I wrote to my father that I never sent to him. I found the letter while going through some unpacked boxes when I moved apartments in Nashville. At the time, I was writing with Pat Alger weekly- so I decided to bring the letter into the write to see if we could do anything with it. I thought it would be inspiration itself, when it actually turned into the song. 80% of Dear Daddy is the unsent letter to my father.

TC: What inspired you to write ‘Free’?

Harper Grae: I was journaling one morning before a writing session and found myself writing about the idea of freedom. Whether it’s freedom from a toxic relationship or freedom from persecution. From that idea, Free, began to take on life.

Listen to ‘Free’ on the Top Country Discovery Songs Playlist

TC: Canada is celebrating 150 years this year, what comes to mind when you think of Canada?

Harper Grae: THAT’S SO AWESOME! Congratulations Canada! When I think of Canada, I think of “O, Canada”, really kind people, Niagara Falls (never been but I will some day!), French food, “EH”, Hockey (Go Preds), and Jim Carey.

TC: Favourite moment(s) of your career so far.

Harper Grae: I recently had one of my favorite moments of my career. June 8th, I was blessed to debut my upcoming single, Dear Daddy, with Nashville Songwriter Hall of Famer, Pat Alger at the legendary Bluebird Cafe during CMA Fest. He and I wrote the song. The sold out crowd was pure bliss and it is definitely a moment I will never forget.

TC: Your dreams would come true if….

Harper Grae: I could travel the world (with my dog, Sophie) singing my music every night. The reason I started singing was to share my journey through music. If I could live on a tour bus for 365 days a year, I would!

TC: Favourite thing about being an artist

Harper Grae: Sharing songs filled with hope with people who need to be reminded that hope exists.

TC: Have you ever visited Canada? If so where and if not, is there somewhere you’d like to visit in Canada?

Harper Grae: I have not visited Canada, but to say I want to is an understatement. As I said before, Niagara Falls is a must. I love Maple Syrup on almost everything and I hear the maple syrup in Canada is iconic, so I would love to go on a “how maple syrup is made in Canada tour”. Lastly, I love sports- So, I would love to go to a hockey game in Canada because I hear you guys do it better than anyone else.