With a new EP & publishing deal, 2018 is looking bright for the Albertan singer/songwriter, SYKAMORE. Her new EP “Self + Medicine” is available now. With a knack for catchy hooks and descriptive lyrics like “When I’m empty, you’re my gasoline”, you’ll be hooked on “Self + Medicine” in no time.

In November, SYKAMORE announced her new publishing deal with Home Team Publishing. “SYKAMORE. That name grabbed my attention as I was scrolling through Twitter,” said Rhett Akins who launched Home Team Publishing with artist/son Thomas Rhett, his manager Virginia Davis and Roc Nation/Warner Chappell. “I had to check it out. I loved her music and style immediately. I’m excited we are able to bring her to Nashville to start the next chapter of her songwriting journey.”

TC: How does it feel to be signed to Home Team Publishing?

SYKAMORE: I feel incredibly honored to sign with this camp – it’s a handful of the most dedicated people in Nashville and it’s a privilege to be considered part of the group. I’m able to learn so much from them and experience things I never even dreamed of. It’s pretty unbelievable to me, how lucky I am.

TC: As a songwriter, what inspires you the most?

SYKAMORE: I always tell people that songwriters are inspired by everything. Over time you learn to just leave a channel open to receive stuff that could turn into a song, whether it be a word or a concept or a person in your life. Right now I find I’m writing a lot about the human experience, and that emotional rollercoaster you endure as a twenty-something, as a female, as an artist, individually or in a relationship.

Watch the video for “Better Half” below!


TC: What would people just discovering you and your music be surprised to find out about you?

SYKAMORE: I think a lot of people are surprised to find out that I come from a very rural upbringing – I was raised on the farm that’s been in my family for 4 generations, I grew up in the house my great grandpa built. I rode horses and swam in rivers and climbed trees as a kid – it was a very picturesque, Huck Finn kind of childhood. And I think because my sound is somewhat modern and a little bit glossy, people might assume I grew up in the suburbs.

TC: If you could describe your EP “Self + Medicine” in 3 words on less, how would you describe it?
SYKAMORE: Fresh, Honest, Emotional.

TC: Who are your musical influences?
At the moment, I am very much a student of crossover artists like Taylor, Shania, Lady Antebellum, Maren Morris, Thomas Rhett, Brothers Osborne. But overall, my classic influences include George Strait, Elton John, George Michael, Lee Anne Womack and Bob Dylan.

TC: Your dreams would come true if…

SYKAMORE: I could achieve that perfect balance between work and the people I love. I think it’s very, very important to have both and it’s something I’m striving to get just right.

TC: What do you hope fans will feel while listening to “Self + Medicine”?

SYKAMORE: I would hope people find their own stories within the narratives of these songs. I use songwriting as a means of release for myself, but ultimately I want the listeners to apply their own experiences to these tracks and make them their own. That is what brings us together – the common ground we stand on within the music. I hope everyone can find their own Self Medicine when they hear these lyrics.

Listen to “Better Half” on the Top Country Discovery Songs Playlist today!

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