First Listen: Tareya (of Autumn Hill) Premieres Her Debut Solo Single ‘Summer Wheels’

With the release of Tareya’s debut solo single ‘Summer Wheels’ on June 2, we’re giving you an exclusive first listen to her brand new sound! ‘Summer Wheels’ blurs the lines between country, pop and R&B. If you’re looking for a vibey new song to add to your playlist, this would be the one!

Watch the lyric video for ‘Summer Wheels’ now!

With her debut single, “Summer Wheels”, Tareya is exploring the edges of her music roots. This dashboard drumming cruise tune is a celebration of her romance-filled introduction to southern beaches and her love for a man who digs classic cars.

Tareya’s powerful vocals were first discovered on YouTube by a music industry executive. This began the formation of Autumn Hill in 2010. The duo saw great success with ‘Fire‘, ‘Anything At All‘, ‘Blame‘ and many more chart-topping country songs. ‘Summer Wheels’ is the start of a new journey for Tareya, as the first single off her upcoming full-length debut solo album.

Expected in the fall of 2017, her debut solo album features lyrics crafted from a place of daring artistic expression and unforgettable melodies that veer off the rails to showcase the complexities of her heart-stopping voice.

Tareya is relishing the opportunity to write her debut solo album. Her intent is to create an album that reflects the profound influence of powerful Canadian female artists including, Sarah McLachlan, Celine Dion, Shania Twain, Jann Arden and Chantal Kreviazuk who provided the soundtrack to her childhood and teenage years. Deeply aware of the women who carved the path for younger artist’s like herself, she wishes to honour them with songs that reflect the power of human emotions, the richness of the soul and the confounding rewards that come from a passion-driven life.

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