TC Christmas Q&A with Tebey

20 Days until Christmas!

We’re counting down the days until Christmas by featuring a special Top Country Christmas Q&A with a different artist each day! Check out today’s Q&A with Tebey!

1. Top way to countdown to Christmas

Chocolate advent calendar.

2. Favourite Christmas Carol

Silent Night.

3. Top 3 Christmas movies, go!

Home Alone, Elf, A Christmas Carol.

4. Top 2 things every Christmas Carol needs

Baby Jesus and a great melody.

5. Top 3 Christmas Treats

Eggnog, eggnog and more eggnog!

6. Worst Christmas present you ever received?


7. Real Christmas tree or fake?

I prefer real.  I’m just not too fond of cleaning up all the fallen needles.

8. Your top 3 Holiday Traditions?

1. Going home to Peterborough, Ontario.  

2. The World Junior Hockey Championship.  

3. Going to church on Christmas Eve.

9. Who has the funniest Christmas sweater?

My 9lbs poodle Rusty.

10. What is at the top of your Christmas list?

An Xbox 1.

11. What goes on top of your tree?

 An angel.