Thomas Rhett Drops “Things Dads Do” Ahead of Father’s Day

Thomas Rhett dropped his new single “Things Dads Do” on June 16 ahead of Father’s Day. The song was co-written with his dad Rhett Akins, Matt Dragstrem and Chase McGill. The timely song employs tongue-and-cheek lyrics highlighting the amusing habits of fatherhood and chronicling the full-circle journey of becoming your dad.

Listen to “Things Dads Do” here.

Rhett Akins and Thomas Rhett featured in single artwork for "Things Dads Do"

“This is probably my favorite song I’ve gotten to write with my dad,” says Rhett. “I’ve learned so many life lessons from him, and it’s pretty wild to see so much of him in myself now that I’m a dad”.

Watch the clip of Thomas Rhett debuting “Things Dads Do” at the Grand Ole Opry here.

Watch the lyric video here.