Tim Hicks’ 5 Party Essentials

In honour of his latest single “So Do I” we talked to Tim Hicks to get the scoop on 5 of his must-have party essentials, take a look below!

  1. Friends! Call ’em, text ‘ em, tweet ‘ em, doesn’t matter as long as you get ’em there! Could be a few or could be a whole bunch, either way it’ll beat hanging around by yourself watching reruns of “How I Met Your Mother” in your underwear! Ha!
  2. Beverages of all kinds are a must.  Beer, wine, liquor, mix, and some soft drinks for those that don’t drink alcohol are important.  Not rocket science, just a good ol’ time!
  3. Plastic cups! If your friends are as rowdy as mine, put away the good China, you’re only asking for trouble if you don’t.  If you don’t have plastic cups, passing around a bottle will do, but guys- trust me- most ladies would prefer to drink from a cup or glass.
  4. Tunes! Make a playlist on your iPod, get a stack of CDs or vinyl- it don’t matter as long as you’re filling that room with great tunes for a great time!
  5. A guitar! This simple device will push your party over the edge! Some of the best times I’ve ever had have been over a few beers and a guitar with some good friends.  Pass it around, sing along, you can’t miss!

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