Top 10 Highest Selling Digital Country Songs By Canadian Artists To Date

The world first saw sight of digitally available music in the late 1990’s. The birth of iTunes then came in 2001 and the world would never be the same. To many advantages and disadvantages of music makers and their teams, digital music downloads continue to exceed the physical (CD’s/vinyl) sales over the past 15 years. In the past 5 years in Canada we’ve also seen the revolutionary rise of digital music streaming. First with the formerly popular streaming service Rdio (now bankrupt), then with Spotify’s big Canadian debut in 2014, followed by the launch of Apple Music just over a year ago (June 2015).

But enough about the history, let’s get into the fun stuff. WHICH ARTIST has sold the most music over digital platforms in country music all these years?? I bet you think you know who it (she) is, and I bet you’re wrong. Plus, can you guess which artist has 3 songs on the list?

Thanks to Nielsen Entertainment, we have your…

Top 10 Most Sold Digital Country Songs By Canadian Artists OF ALL TIME!

10. Johnny Reid – A Woman Like You

Coming in at the #10 spot for most sold digital single by a Canadian country artist is A Woman Like You by the one and only Johnny Reid! AWLY was released as a single on January 27, 2009, and then again on the album ‘Dance With Me’ on March 10, 2009. With likely many, many more physical sales this song has sold just over 70k digitally since it was released over 7 years ago.