Top 5 hottest male Canadian country stars

When the big bosses at Top Country asked who I thought were the hottest Canadian Country acts, I decided I had to break it out between men and women since I didn’t want the article to be TOOO long…(there are a lot of hot Canadians I tells ya!)

So here goes.. Gabby’s Top 5 (approximately) Hottest Male Canadian Artists or who’d I’d like to date if they were age appropriate. And by date, I mean make out with.  I mean, I’m old enough to be some of these guys mother hot, older sister.…. so yeah, if it were age appropriate…

Okay, in no particular order….

Clayton Bellamy

Clayton Bellamy– okay, he’s not your classic “handsome” dude, but there’s something about this bad boy that gets the blood boiling. The tattoo’d up slightly dangerous look works… for me, anyway.

Aaron Lines

Then there’s the other end of the spectrum – Aaron Lines, perennial “good guy”.  He’s ADORBS.  One of the sweetest guys in country and uber talented and CUTE.  Funny, smart.



Adam Gregory is a conundrum for me.. one minute he was this little cute kid and ever so sweet and talented and the next minute he was this six pack toting smoking HOTTIE.  So wrong that I find him hot.  SO wrong.

Adam Gregory


Another young hottie – Jason Blaine.  Another bundle of adorableness.  Super cute, smart, funnier than all get out and one of the nicest guys… put it all together with the rest of the package (I think SOMEONE’s been working out..) and yep, he’s hot.


Jason Blaine


Johnny Reid of course makes the list… with his soulful eyes and voice, good looks..… his sense of style and oh! That accent.. just puts me over the top.  And he’s a DARLING.  Love him.

Johnny Reid
Gil Grand









Here’s a surprise one for ya…bet you didn’t see this coming… Gil Grand.  This man is HOT I’m telling ya.  Gil’s focus is on producing and writing now, but here are my “famous last words” on this subject.. Gil Grand is SMOKIN’.

Chris Thorsteinson

Hate to pick a favourite here.. but Chris Thorsteinson from Doc Walker (they’re all good looking dudes, but Chris happens to be the one who gets my motor running… I must have a thing for lead singers…), Rugged, manly.. hint of the bad boy thing going on… oh yeah.

Aaron Pritchett

And…. Aaron Pritchett.  I mean, come on! What’s not to love??!  SO good looking and those muscles!! Not to mention his mischievous blue eyes.  What’s a girl to do…?  UBER HOT.


Well, those are my picks for “hottest Canadian guys”… I’m pretty sure I’m going to H-E-double hockey sticks for some of these picks.. but hey, I can LOOK can’t I?

Who do YOU think the hottest guy in Canadian Country is?