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GET TO KNOW: JJ Shiplett – Calgary, AB

JJ Shiplett - Darlin' Let's Go Out Tonight - New Country Releases

Song featured in the Top Country Discovery Playlist: Darling, Let’s Go Out Tonight

We can’t get enough of JJ Shiplett’s raspy vocals in his single, ‘Darling Let’s Go Out Tonight’ from his album, ‘Something To Believe In’.

TC: Did you write your single, ‘Darling, Let’s Go Out Tonight’?

JJ Shiplett: Yes. With a good buddy of mine Ryan McAllister. It was written over a few months a few years ago.

TC: Whiskey or wine?

JJ Shiplett: Whiskey. Most days. Wine other days.

TC: What is your favourite moment of your career so far?

JJ Shiplett: Releasing Something To Believe In was one highlight. We worked hard, lots of sweat and tears and found a collection of 11 tunes that really represent me and where I’ve been the past few years. Another great moment was playing Massey Hall in 2016. That’s something that I’ll forever remember.

TC: Your dreams would come true if…

JJ Shiplett: I could pay my bills. Regularly.

TC: What is your favourite thing about being an artist?

JJ Shiplett: Watching a song grow from a simple idea. One line. A clever lyric. However it happens. And then seeing it grow and become something you didn’t expect. That reward keeps you going until the next song you write and helps push you further.