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GET TO KNOW: Natasha Zimbaro – Maple Ridge, BC

Natasha Zimbaro EP - New Country Releases

Song featured on the Top Country Discovery Playlist: Cardboard Box

We’re so excited to have new music from Natasha Zimbaro on our Discovery Playlist! Her latest single, ‘Cardboard Box’, has us hooked.  The song, which was #3 on Yangaroo/DMDS’ Top Downloads this week, shows off her incredible vocal range. We can’t wait to see the song light up the charts!

TC: Did you write your new single ‘Cardboard Box’? 

Natasha Zimbaro: Cardboard Box was a song that was pitched to me by my amazing producer, Todd Clark (written by him, Gavin Slate and Madeleine Slate). It is actually the only song on the EP that I didn’t write, but it really spoke to me and I fell in love with it immediately. I think anyone who has been in a relationship that ended on rocky terms can relate to Cardboard Box. The last thing you need are pieces and memories of that person lingering all around you!

TC: What are your favourite songs to get over a breakup?

Natasha Zimbaro: A couple of my favourite songs to shake off a breakup would be “Before He Cheats” by Carrie Underwood and “Best Days of Your Life” by Kellie Pickler.

TC: What is your favourite moment of your career so far?

Natasha Zimbaro: I’ve truly had so many amazing highlights of my career thus far. Too many to mention! And I feel honoured/blessed to be able to sing and share my songs with people. A place that always gives me true joy is when I sing for the kids at Canucks Place Hospice. Watching their faces light up when they hear a song they like or sway along to the music with a huge smile on their face, really makes my day.

TC: Your dreams would come true if…

Natasha Zimbaro: I’m able to continue making music for the rest of my life and share it with the world!

TC: What is your favourite thing about being an artist?

Natasha Zimbaro: Favourite thing about being an artist. My favourite thing about being an artist is how I get to connect with fans through lyrics and melodies. There’s no better feeling than to be on stage and have the crowd singing your lyrics back!