Dogs of Country Music with Chad Brownlee, Brett Kissel and more!

updated Mar 23, 2019

How to become a country artist:
Step 1 – Own a dog. But actually. Dogs are a man’s best friend :)
Step 2 – Take ridiculously cute photos of your dogs and post them on online.
Step 3 – You’re all set!…for the most part… ;)

We LOVE LOVE LOVE dogs! Especially puppy pics! Even better when paired with some of our favourite country artists like Chad Brownlee and Brett Kissel! We thought you might too…so we’re sharing our Top Country Dogs!! 

WARNING: Cuteness may cause an overwhelming desire to give your pup the biggest bear hug ever. Seriously though. Be prepared.

5. Dog Names: RUDY & CHARLEE – Terri Clark is winning at life with this set up.


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Absolutely nothing wrong with it. #crazyweinerdoglady

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