I grew up in Saskatchewan, and as a child I spent my Christmases at my Nan and Papa’s house, where family traditions were, and still are, a large part of the holiday season. Perhaps one of my favourite traditions was laying out our stockings together by the little fireplace on Christmas eve, and waking up to see them stuffed full of goodies the very next morning.

While a small part of the overall Christmas celebrations for some, stockings are an integral part of my family’s Christmas morning. Our giant-sized socks (although they have become slightly less-giant as I’ve gotten older) are the same ones we’ve used since I was born. So, choosing a stocking that will last a lifetime is a great way to preserve Christmas memories as time moves on.

Of course, part of choosing a long-lasting stocking is looking at designs that are unique and tailored to your personality. That’s why we’ve rounded up a list of the best stockings for country lovers. Whether you opt for a cowboy boot shape, or a rustic plaid that will stand the test of time, these 5 stockings will make your country Christmas perfect and memorable, year after year.


Nothing screams country Christmas more than red plaid. There’s just something about this look that is so warm and cozy. These socks are further countrified with burlap bands, pinecones and to top it all off, a personalized wooden name tag.

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Okay country lovers, let me ask you a question. What could be better than waking up to a cowboy boot filled with country goodies?! The Answer: Waking up to a personalized, decked-out-with-bells cowboy boot filled with country goodies.

ideas for country themed stockings Christmas

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This stocking, which is handmade on Etsy, is made with the ultimate collaboration of fabrics including, velvet, wool plaid and distressed faux leather. To give this sock an extra country look, get one with a deer head embellishment. Perfect for the holiday season!

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I’m pretty sure this stocking is the epitome of Canadian country. Made from an old pair of blue jeans and a red flannel shirt, this sock will last a lifetime. Want to make it even extra special? Try your hand at making this stocking yourself. All you need is your old Levi’s and a plaid shirt that you can cut up – we know you have way too many in your closet anyways.

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If there’s one thing I know about country folk, it’s that the most important thing in the world is family, and this sock looks as if it could have been made by your adorable granny. The quilted bottom and polka dot top is quaint and homey. Again, if you wanted to make it personal, you could try your hand at making your own. Use your favourite childhood blanket, or a quilt that your kids love to create a stocking that has sentimental meaning, and will never go out of style.

country themed stockings Christmas

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