Aaron Pritchett talks “Body of Work”

We talked to Aaron Pritchett about his greatest hits album Body of Work, which just released yesterday (May 12, 2015) Check out our interview with him below to learn more about it!

Purchase Body of Work on iTunes here.

TC: What made you decide to release ‘Body of Work’ at this particular time?

AP: There are a number of reasons why I wanted to release the “Body of Work” album at this time.  Mainly because of the busy touring season and so many shows coming up, myself and my record label, Big Star Recordings, wanted to make sure to have it available for purchase at all the shows.  And, ironically, the release coincides with my son, Jordan Pritchett, who is one half of the new country duo called King & Cash, who releasing their first single to radio that day as well!

TC: Was it difficult to choose which songs to include on the album?

AP: It was very difficult to choose which songs to include because there were more songs to choose from than I was able to put on the album.  I forget sometimes that I had as many releases to radio as I did.  That’s not a bad thing but with the songs I wasn’t able to put on “Body of Work”, I will definitely put on the NEXT greatest hits package!

TC: You’re going to be hitting the road again in June for the east coast leg of the Outlaws & Outsiders tour, what are you most looking forward to doing while out on tour again?

AP: I look forward to the entire tour in general.  From hanging out with my band and crew, playing amazing cities and towns all over Ontario to just being on stage and rocking out with unreal crowds.  I think the highlight of it all for me tho is to be able to tour with my son, Jordan.  It’s amazing to watch him play because he’s so talented as well as makes me feel so proud that my son has accomplished so much and has a very bright future.

TC: What else have you got coming up that fans can look forward to?

AP: Besides all the dates across the country, I have many trips planned all with the intention of writing for the next full-length record.  Vancouver, Nashville and Calgary are all places I have a long list of friends who are amazing songwriters so I’m going to each cities and write with those great folks.  And then I should be releasing my 7th album next spring/summer some time.