Alessia Cohle

Alessia Cohle: Get To Know The Up & Coming Country Singer

Up and coming country singer/songwriter, Alessia Cohle, just released the first single Wanderlust from her upcoming EP ‘Wild Eyed Wanderer’. The incredible vocalist shares her Top Country Favourites. It’s no surprise after listening to ‘Wanderlust’ that her favourite song right now is Lady Antebellum’s ‘You Look Good’…those horns though 🎺🙌

Alessia Cohle

Wild Eyed Wanderer’ focuses on themes of travel and freedom, inspiring listeners to take a leap of faith and explore. In the spirit of the EP, Alessia is travelling from her hometown of Mississauga, Ontario to Western Canada for her Western Canada Tour.

For tickets and more information, visit Alessia Cohle’s official website.

TC: What do you want fans to feel when they listen to ‘Wanderlust’?
AC: I want them to feel that rush of excitement when you get to an airport, train station or in your car – knowing you’re going somewhere new! I want them to want to explore new places and want to dance around and groove while feeling that. I want us to go on an adventure together while listening to the song. It’s a song about travel and freedom and longing to explore. I hope it inspires listeners to do just that. Explore.

TC: What’s one thing that people who are just discovering you and your music would be surprised to know? 
AC: That I am a city girl with a country heart. I am inspired and influenced by many different genres, not just country. My dad is a bass player and I come from a musical family and was raised on Soul, Classic Rock, and Motown. I hope listeners can hear that in my music.

TC: Your dreams would come true if…
AC: I could collaborate with Shania Twain. Or Justin Timberlake. Or Lady Antebellum. There’s a few people on that list.

TC: If you only had 3 words to describe ‘Wild Eyed Wanderer’, how would you describe the EP?
AC: Soulful, encouraging and honest.

TC: What song are you most proud of on ‘Wild Eyed Wanderer’?
AC: All of them! That may sound like a “cookie-cutter” answer – but I really am proud of each song, and for different reasons. Each song is a reflection of who I am as an artist and as a person. I love each one!

Top Country Favourites with Alessia Cohle:

Favourite drink: Peach Iced Tea

Favourite emoji: Woman dancing in the red dress with the brunette hair – I pretend it’s me lol 💃🏻

Favourite song right now: “You Look Good” – Lady Antebellum

Favourite new country artist: Leaving Thomas (love their tune “Blame It On The Neon”!)

Favourite country crush: Brett Eldredge

Favourite guilty pleasure: KD Mac & Cheese, sour jujubes, and wine gums … I’m basically still a child at heart

Favourite Thing about creating ‘Wild Eyed Wanderer’: The entire creative process!! From writing the songs with some amazing writers, to recording them in the studio with my producer Douglas Romanow and some badass musicians!

Catch Alessia on her Western Canada Tour and listen to ‘Wanderlust’ on the Top Country Discovery Playlist!