Adam Runions If I Won The Lotto

Alex Runions: Top Country Fresh Find Video Premiere

See the music video premiere below of Saskatchewan’s top nominated male country artist Alex Runions’ new single ‘If I Won The Lotto’. As Top Country’s latest Fresh Find, Runions is currently nominated for 5 SCMA’s (Saskatchewan Country Music Awards) including Entertainer of The Year, Male Vocalist of The Year, Song of The Year, Single of The Year & Album of The Year. You can find out if he takes them all home at the SCMA Awards on April 22, 2016 in Saskatoon.

“The song was written with my Nashville buddy and a fellow Canadian, Steve Mitchell via Skype in Nov 2015,” Runions tells Top Country. “I had made a trip to Nashville a couple months before and we’d written another great tune together but this one just resonated with me and Johnny Gasparic, the producer, as the single. Buying a lotto ticket is such an act of optimism and hope which is a good thing – it makes you feel positive and that’s what I think the listeners feel when they hear the song – happy, hopeful and positive – those elements make a good radio single. I recorded If I Won The Lotto at MCC Recording Studios in Calgary, Alberta (2 x CCMA Studio of the Year). Johnny gave me a lot of control with the track which is always great for an artist when bringing a song to life in the studio.”

What was the experience like creating the music video in Nashville?
The music video experience was awesome. Thanks to my hometown Chevy truck dealer McMillan Motor Products, I was able to fly down to Nashville for a week and shoot the video there over 3 days with videographer Craig Hill. We shot 2 days on location in a house and one day outside. The outside shots were in a funky little neighbourhood of Nashville called Sylvan Park and the road shots were filmed on Old Charlotte Pike, just 10 t o15 minutes from downtown. Unfortunately, on that day in the countryside, I got bit by a tick! I was showering the next day and I had an ugly round rash around the bite and I was a bit nervous about it being Lyme disease. As soon as I got back to Regina, I hustled in to the doctors office, got a prescription for doxycycline and was tested but everything seems to be okay. Though I am keeping an eye on it.

If you won the lotto you said you’d have a house “up north”, where is up north to you?
For me, I love fishing and there are some great lakes up north from Regina like Tobin or Jan Lake which I have fond memories of and love going back there when I can.

And where is “down south”?
Down south is going to be Nashville, TN or maybe Florida…hmmm or maybe Key West….. I think I am going to let the listeners decide. :)