Andrew Hyatt publicity photo

Andrew Hyatt Releases 4-Track EP Wild Flowers, Limited Edition Vinyl

Andrew Hyatt released a brand new 4-song collection called Wild Flowers on May 28. He will be releasing a limited edition vinyl of Wild Flowers and his 2020 EP Neverland to celebrate this new release.

Andrew Hyatt EP artwork for Wild Flowers

“Wild Flowers is one of the most personal records I’ve written to date. The people I’ve met, the experiences I’ve had, all that has shaped who I am both as an artist and a human being. Cutting this album with my band live in the studio gave me the chance to get everything out all at once. It was incredibly cathartic and I hope others find the same freedom in these songs,” says Andrew Hyatt.

Listen to Wild Flowers here.

Watch Andrew Hyatt’s latest video “Neverland” here.