road trip

Best places to take a road trip to this summer


1. The Cabot Trail, Nova Scotia

The Cabot Trail is one of Canada’s most famous and picturesque road trips. The 297 km loop, travels right around Nova Scotia and will allow you to stop and see Cape Breton Highlands National Park. Pass through quaint towns on your journey and stop for fresh seafood, refreshments and to make friends. After all, everyone on the east coast is incredibly warm and friendly. On your scenic drive you will see ocean vistas, old-growth forests, prehistoric rock, and possibly even some wildlife. The trip only takes about 3-5 days, so while you’re near, visit the beautiful city of Halifax.

2. Algonquin Park, Ontario

Algonquin Park is surrounded by many towns and lakes, making it a very accommodating destination. Stop at different places along the way to get a look at Ontario outside of it’s big metropolis, Toronto. Algonquin Park itself is home to many different hiking trails, lakes and scenic areas. Since the park is home to many moose, bears and loons, you might even be lucky enough to spot some wildlife in its natural habitat.

3. Grassland’s National Park, Saskatchewan

Saskatchewan may not be home to any tall rocky mountains or salty ocean beaches, but it is home to a lot of untouched and pristine land. Grassland’s National Park is located near the village of Val Marie and protects one of the country’s few remaining areas of undisturbed dry mixed-grass/shortgrass prairie grassland. In this area you can spy rare and endangered flora and fauna, including bison, burrowing owls, brown bears, coyotes, hawks, swift foxes, elk and the country’s only black-tailed prairie dog colonies to name a few.

4. Jasper, Alberta

A road trip to Jasper means that you can stop at the marvellous Columbia Icefields on your way. Ride in an ice bus over the stunning glaciers and see a different side of Alberta, you may not have seen before and don’t forget to make a stop at Athabasca Falls. Jasper sits among the snow-capped Canadian Rockies, which means that no matter where you are in Jasper, you’re going to see some mountains. Feeling really adventurous? Make it a longer road trip and also hit up Banff and Lake Louise. Lake Louise has some of the most fantastic scenery and turquoise waters you’ve ever seen. Go on a hike, or if hiking isn’t your speed, take the Banff gondola up a mountain and see the stunning views it has to offer. You’ll feel like you’re on top of the world.

5. The Coast Mountain Circle Route, British Columbia

The Coast Mountain Circle Route starts in Vancouver and takes you through Squamish, Whistler, Lillooet, Lytton, Fraser Canyon and Harrison Hot Springs. You will see beautiful vistas, stunning woodland and mountainous regions, and have the opportunity to take part in many adventurous activities. Take part in some of Canada’s best known rock climbing or go on the hike of a lifetime. The trip can be customized to take anywhere from 3 days to 10 days, depending on how much adventure time you’re seeking.