shortest month

Best things to do in the shortest month


February is almost upon us, which means that you’ve got the same amount of responsibilities, but crammed into a shorter month. With only 28 days in February (or sometimes 29), you have three less days to get your bills and rent in order and meet your monthly fitness goals.

But there are also a lot of positive outcomes of having a shorter month. For one thing, it means we’re three days closer to summer holidays. Take a look at some of the best things to do during the shortest month of the year.

1. Break a habit 

Looking for a cheat month to break a habit? Since February has less days, you will feel that much less guilty by doing so. Maybe you need a break from the gym, or maybe you haven’t online shopped since before Christmas time. February is the perfect month to throw your arms up and say “screw it”. The month will be over before you know it, and you can get back to your old, boring ways.

2. Complete a goal

Okay, so maybe the first idea was far too irresponsible to be up your alley. In that case, try the opposite and make a new goal for yourself. Looking to give up all sweets for a month? Perhaps you’ve committed a month to writing a letter to a new person each day? Or maybe you’re aim is to declutter your closet by giving away a different item each day for a month. Since you have less days to worry about, reaching your goal will be that much easier. You’re welcome.

3. Change you Diet 

Again, shorter month means less time dieting. Of course the goal is never usually to eat healthy for a month and then just stop completely. But goals work best when broken up into tinier goals. Eating healthy for a month is a lot more attainable than eating healthy for the year. Yet, after you complete a month of healthy eating, it becomes that much easier to complete the next month, and so on and so forth. Since February is a shortened month, you are already that much closer to completing your task. And once you do, you will be ready to tackle the next one.

4. Enjoy everything that February has to offer

Despite being the shortest month, February has so much to offer. It’s not usually a top pick for favourite month, but it’s seriously underrated. February is when the days start to get longer, the evenings lighter and we start to remember that winter is not something that we are stuck in forever. It’s also when Groundhog day rolls around, and if you don’t care about actual Groundhog day, than you can watch the Bill Murray movie of the same name. Most importantly, February is the month that sees every retail store adorning their windows with pink and red hearts and aisles lined with chocolate. And who doesn’t love chocolate?! If you love Valentine’s Day, then great! If you hate it, don’t fret, the month of love only has 28 days in it anyways.

5. Go to a country concert

If all else fails, you can do the thing that gets me excited any month of the year – go to a country concert. There are tons of amazing concerts coming up in 2018 that choosing which one to see, will likely stir a big debate between you and your friends. But whichever one you finally decide on, just know that it will be amazing!  Some of the awesome tours happening this February in Canada include: James Barker Band’s Game On Tour, Gord Bamford’s Neon Smoke Tour, Johnny Reid’s Revival Tour, Old Dominion’s Happy Endings Tour.