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Country artists and their adorable pets


Let’s be honest, we all stalk our favourite celebrities and country music stars on Instagram. There’s just something so appealing about fame that makes it hard to look away. Maybe we like to live vicariously through them, or maybe we’re just fascinated and intrigued and yearn to know more about our favourite artists. Whatever the reason, it is very common to see your social media feed filled with pictures of Luke Bryan and Shania Twain.

When your Instagram feed isn’t filled with celebrities, if you’re a pet lover, it’s likely overflowing with adorable pictures of animals. Half of the accounts I follow are dedicated to the furry critters. Dogs, cats, pigs, llamas, hedgehogs, birds, even hamsters – I really don’t discriminate. Animals are so cute and cuddly, that simply looking at a picture of one is enough to put a smile across anyone’s face.

Okay, so you like country artists and you like animals. Well now I’m about to blow your mind. The only thing better than those two things, is those two things combined. After all, you aren’t the only one with a love of pets, country stars love them too, and they treat their fur babies like royalty.

In case you needed some proof, or maybe you’re just having a bad day and need to be cheered up, here are 5 country artists and their adorable pets. I dare you to make it through this post without smiling or saying “aww”.

1. Madeline Merlo

accurate representation of how I feel rn:

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Pretty sure that’s an accurate representation of how we all feel right now. Madeline Merlo’s pup is the definition of cozy. This is exactly what I’d like to be doing when Monday rolls around.

2. Luke Bryan

Okay, so in case you thought Luke Bryan couldn’t get any more perfect, you were wrong. Luke Bryan and his wife, Caroline, opened Brett’s Barn in 2017, an animal sanctuary that was created in honour of their late niece. This Christmas Bryan surprised his wife with two baby kangaroos, both of which are new additions to the sanctuary.

3. Dean Brody

Dean Brody got a new little pup in October and her name is Duckie. I can’t think of anything cuter than that!

4. Jess Moskaluke

What a goofy looking family. ❤🌲❄

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Jess Moskaluke posted this Christmas photo of her little family and I am swooning over that pup.

5.  Lindi Ortega

Waiting for Santa

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Ortega’s cats are absolutely adorable and photogenic.