coziest cabins

Coziest cabins that will make you want to get away this winter


It’s probably a safe assumption to say that most people hate the cold. Yes, winter is magical and beautiful. You can take part in fun activities like snowboarding, skiing, sledding and ice skating. Hockey season is in full swing, and ice fishing fans can finally dig their tackle boxes out of the garage. Plus, who doesn’t love Christmas?! Yet, all of that winter fun is somewhat dampened by the freezing cold weather that some days makes it nearly impossible to leave your house.

I grew up in Saskatchewan. For those of you who have never been to the prairies in the wintertime, let me save you the flight and just tell you that it is COLD. Not British Columbia or Ontario cold either; more like arctic, don’t leave your house unless you are covered head to toe or you’ll get frostbite cold. With temperatures dropping to minus 45 with the windchill, I often find myself wondering why I put up with the Canadian winter in the first place.

The short answer is: I love Canada. It’s one of the most diverse and beautiful countries in the world. Where else can you go that has mountains and rugged terrain on one end, ocean and red sand beaches on the other, with big cities and prairies in between? Canada is friendly and unique and boasts so much to do and see. And let’s not forget that we’ve got a hell of a country music scene too. So instead of packing my bags and moving to California or Florida for half of the year, I put my thick winter skin on, and come up with clever ways to beat the cold.

One such way is to go on a little weekend stay-cation at your family’s cabin, or rent a cabin if you don’t have one. “Going to a cabin in the wintertime?!” you ask, confused. And yes, while it might seem strange, there is nothing more warm and cozy than wrapping up in a blanket, and sipping on a hot toddy by a warm crackling fire.

Of course you can also do those things at home, but there is something about getting away for the weekend, and escaping from the city that is both relaxing and fun. Invite all of your friends up for a weekend of board games and movies. Take your loved one up for a romantic getaway, complete with wine and fondue. Or take the trip up by yourself and recharge after a hectic work week. Leave the phones and tablets at home, and opt for a good book instead. Your mind and body will thank you.

To get you in the mood for your winter cabin getaway, we’ve rounded up some of the coziest looking cabins that will have you itching to get in your car and drive right this second. Even if you can’t make the commitment to a cabin getaway right now, just looking at these cozy cabins is sure to warm you up.