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Graham Scott Fleming, Emerging Artist of the Month, Top Five Fun Facts

Graham Scott Fleming, Top Country’s Emerging Artist of the Month for June, is a singer/songwriter from Elmvale, ON. He placed first in the North of Nashville singing competition in 2011, launching his career as an independent artist. Graham Scott Fleming began writing his original music that landed him on tour with the likes of Deric Ruttan, High Valley and Jason Blaine. He has also had the opportunity to collaborate and co-write with Jason McCoy, Jane Beach, Phil Barton, JT Harding and many more.

Graham Scott Fleming is reintroducing himself to the country music scene with new releases in 2021. His forthcoming EP will include recent singles “Déjå Vu” and “High Life” and was produced by members of The Agenda. Read on for Top 5 Fun Facts about Graham Scott Fleming!

Listen to Graham Scott Fleming’s latest single “High Life” here.

Graham Scott Fleming single artwork for "High Life"

Top 5 Fun Facts About Graham Scott Fleming

  1. I currently live in a trailer! My parents sold our childhood home to build their dream home on our farm property. My parents moved into a live-in trailer and I into the family camper while the new house is being built on the property. There is nothing like camping through the summer, waking up to the birds and the beautiful country sky.
  2. I rescued George in 2015 at 8 weeks old. He got the name George because I was doing Kinky Boots in Toronto, and the character in the show called George was one of my favourite roles to interact with. He is the sweetest little pup. I actually have a phobia of dogs. I am terrified of them! I love dogs once I get to know them, it just takes some time. I actually got George as a way to get over my fear.
Graham Scott Fleming and his rescue dog George.

3. I was diagnosed with Crohn’s disease in 2009. Crohn’s is a type of inflammatory bowel disease (IBD). It causes inflammation of your digestive tract. My case was rare, so I was part of a special study. Bonus fact: I can’t eat raw veggies. A kid’s dream, I know!

4. All of my best friends from kindergarten are still my best friends. One perk of growing up in a small town is the immense support given by your community. I have some amazing friends who have stuck by my side throughout my journey and I will proudly admit I would be nowhere without their support. I am one lucky guy for having these people in my life.

5. Here’s an embarrassing story for you! I was given the opportunity to play Charlie in Kinky Boots at The Muny Theatre in St. Louis, an 11,000 seat outdoor theatre.  There is a scene where I get knocked out and fall to the ground. The stage, which rotates in a full circle, circles me around to the back where I am to get up and run off stage all the way to the other side to do a quick change. Behind the stage there are usually trees, but they were planting new trees that season so it was just mulch and it had rained.

So I start my sprint to the other side of the stage, but there is a little lip before the mulch and I face dive right into it. My white dress shirt is now wet and brown right before I need to be back on stage. Luckily the team was incredible and got me into my new outfit seconds before I am due back on stage. We had a good belly laugh about it during intermission. #livetheatre 

Graham Scott Fleming in Kinky Boots