Jenna Paulette ILYSM

Jenna Paulette’s “ILYSM” is the country/pop song you need to hear

If you’re a fan of Kelsea Ballerini or Maren Morris, you’ll be hooked from the first listen of Jenna Paulette’s new song “ILYSM”. It really is the country/pop song you need to hear.

Who is Jenna Paulette? She has always been somewhat of a walking juxtaposition – a mix of laid-back cowboy nostalgia adopted from her time on the family ranch, and the big city glam she got growing up around the Dallas metroplex.

She’s spent much of her life drawing from both worlds, trying to define herself and her sound. The result is an ironically harmonious blend Jenna refers to as the New West. “It’s a combination of old and new, keeping tradition but being a part of the modern world,” she says. “It’s a representation of the two worlds I grew up in – a balance of the two. My mom’s side is ranching; my dad’s side is the big city sales-type. In everything I do, the way I dress, write, perform, even cook – my entire self is the New West.”

Watch the latest video for “ILYSM” now if you want to fall in love with Jenna Paulette’s modern & retro vibe. Trust us, you want to.


Top Country had the chance to chat with the upcoming country singer about “ILYSM”, her aspirations, and more.

TC: What inspired you to record ILYSM?
JP: I loved the way it made me feel and the melodies in the chorus got stuck in my head for a really long time after writing it. If it doesn’t make me feel something I can’t cut it.

TC: What do you hope listeners will feel when they listen to ILYSM?
JP: Like they want to dance or kiss somebodyyyy haha.

TC: What is your favorite moment of your career so far?
JP: Getting messages and screenshots on social media from people I don’t know at all listening to my music and talking about how it makes them feel. All the sudden it becomes bigger than me and the song is living outside of my own experience. That is the coolest thing ever.

TC: Your dreams would come true if…
JP: 1. I got to go on tour with Sam Hunt, FGL or someone else I admire (as songwriters, artists and people). 2. I got to fan girl while meeting George Strait and got to sing “Run” with him on stage. 3. I got to see something I wrote go #1 on the radio. I. would. freak.

Top Country Favourites with Jenna Paulette:

Favourite Drink: Black coffee.
Favourite Snack: Chester’s Flaming Hot Popcorn.
Favourite First Date Spot: Post-movie Whataburger or DQ parking lot hang w/ fries and really good flirting/conversation.
Favourite Store: Ahhh… too hard! Free People (T’s, Shorts, Jeans), Boot Barn (boots, belts), XXI or Zara for random crap that’s fun and too trendy to spend a lot of money on!
Favourite Country Legend: George Strait w/ Patsy as a close second.
Favourite Song Right Now: “Mine” Bazzi minus the F word :)


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