Leah Daniels

Leah Daniels Releases Nostalgic New Song “1st”


Growing up on a small farm in Uxbridge, Ontario, Leah Daniels has always been surrounded by music and singing. It was in 2010 that she began to gain a following in country music while performing regularly. She won the Durham Region Music Award for Country Artist of the Year and followed that up with a performance at CCMA Music Week’s New Artist Showcase.

Completely independant, Leah Daniels is now one of Canada’s top rising country stars. Her first break came with the record “Go Back” which launched her into top 20 at Canadian radio and won her the CMRA (Canadian Music Radio Award).

Daniels is currently getting ready to showcase her new EP to the world. Recorded in Nashville, Los Angeles and Toronto, these new works find Daniels looking back and growing up.

Leah Daniels’ career is continuing to blossom and her recently released single called “1st” really shows it. The track is melodic, dynamic, and powerful and as she continues to grow, country music fans are in for a real treat.

Top Country had the chance to ask Leah Daniels a few questions about her new single and what the future holds for the singer. Check it out below!

TC: What do you want fans to feel when they hear “1st”?

LD: I hope they are able to relate to the song and feel a little nostalgic. We’ve all experienced “firsts” in our lives. First crush, first car, first heartbreak, and hopefully listening to my song will bring back some of those memories.

TC: How have you grown as an artist since releasing “What It Feels Like”?

LD: With every album I get more sure of myself and try to dig a little deeper. I feel like my new album will showcase more of my personality and that’s a result of becoming more comfortable in writing sessions. It’s sassy, adventurous and heartfelt. I’m really proud of it!

TC: What inspired you to release “1st”?

LD: I love this song because there are little tidbits of my life scattered through it. I really did go to Warped Tour for the first time with my first boyfriend! When I’m picking songs for an album to release, it’s really important that I am passionate about it and feel connected to the song. As far as selecting songs to be released as singles, it’s always a group decision between me and my team. I’m glad this one made the cut!

TC: What are you most looking forward to in 2018?

LD: I can’t wait to take these new songs on the road and perform. That’s my favourite part of what I do. Performing on stage in front of a live audience and getting to have that real time connection is an amazing feeling.

TC: What’s one thing you still want to check off your bucket list?

LD: I would love to do an entire album of covers of my all time favourite songs. It would have everything from Billy Joel, Jeff Buckley, Celine Dion to Broadway! To have the chance to sing and record all my favourites in my own way would be really fun.