Lori McKenna’s Heart Shaped Bullet Hole

Artist: Lori McKenna
Album: Heart Shaped Bullet Hole
Label: MDM Recordings / EMI Music Canada
Rating: 5/5

Singer/songwriter Lori McKenna delivers another solid collection of songs. No one can sing a heartbreak song like Lori – that’s a fact. She’s written songs for the likes of Faith Hill, Sara Evans, Little Big Town, and Keith Urban, yet no one can express Lori’s songs better than her own voice, which is pure gold. Over the years, she’s released her favourites on several albums. Her latest Heart Shaped Bullet Hole paints the picture of heartbreak and pain at it’s finest, with lyrics and melodies woven together in perfection.

‘Whiskey and Chewing Gum’ is a clear stand out on the album, expelling the story of how love can be fresh and strong at first yet the flavour burns out. With lyrics like ”some loves are like chewing gum, it tastes good when it’s new. But it don’t take long before it’s tired and it’s tasteless too”; it’s hard to deny the brilliant writing talent of McKenna.

‘No Hard Feelings’ tells the story of a couple who both know that the love they are in has gone away yet neither of them has admitted that it’s time to part ways. “Once it’s gone, it’s gone. So no hard feelings”.

Perhaps the most heart wrenching track on the album through comes in the form of ‘Sometimes He Does’, the story of a woman who normally doesn’t feel loved by her husband nor do they have great conversation. Yet, she stays for the fact that sometimes he does make her feel more love than anyone deserves. The vocal performance and melodic rhythm this song possesses is one of the most emotional performances I’ve ever had the privilige to hear.

Front to back, Heart Shaped Bullet Hole needs to be a part of every music lover’s collection. If you love country music and love real-life stories expressed in the form of beautiful music, I suggest you make this purchase. The world needs a lot more Lori McKenna.

Buy the album here. 

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