Top 5 Summer Memories from Manny Blu

Are you as bummed as we are that Summer is officially over? We’re only four days into Fall but we can’t help but reminisce on Summer 2019 memories. All the country concerts, warm weather, and drinking an ice cold beer on the patio with friends is now just a memory…..but with the help of Montreal-native country singer Manny Blu we are going back to summer by looking at his top 5 summer memories of 2019.

Not ONLY that….but we have exciting news! We have the exclusive premiere of Manny’s brand new music video for his song “11:59”. Check it out below!

Manny’s amazing new video is a tribute to the songs that sparked his love of country music, bringing him back to those summer nights in Montreal, hanging out with his friends and performing. Manny made sure that this video is a true representation of many aspects of his life and the moments that are created when friends come together around music.

This video is also a sneak peak into what fans can expect from Manny’s next EP.

If you love this video as much as we do at Top Country, check out Manny on his headlining tour. Click here for where you can catch a show for the Leave It Like It Is Tour.

Top 5 Summer Memories:

  1. Spending 4th of July in Nashville with the band. 
  2. Getting the opportunity to go home and spend time with my family and friends in the beautiful weather. 
  3. Getting the chance to start working on my second EP. 
  4. When my buddies came down to Nashville for the first time for CMA Fest weekend. 
  5. When I was able to go see John Mayer live in concert for the second time. 
Watch the official video for Manny Blu’s ’11:59′ now!