The Dungarees

5 Things You Need To Know About The Dungarees

The Dungarees are country through and through. They define themselves as a true-grit country band and that couldn’t be more accurate. If you’re a fan of a modern-take on classic country, you need to listen to “Don’t Hold Back”, the latest single from the Albertan band.

James Murdoch, Robb Angus, Kiron Jhass, Darrek Anderson and Ben Shillabeer make up The Dungarees, recently nominated for 3 Edmonton Music Awards.

From square dancing to hot dog eating contests, discover The Dungarees with 5 Things You Need To Know About The Dungarees.

1. New video for ‘Don’t Hold Back’ features Dan Davidson, Clayton Bellamy of The Road Hammers and Brandi Sidoryk of Nice Horse.


2. “Dungarees”, means jeans or work pants. We’re just 5, normal, hard-working dudes that put our Dungarees on, one leg at a time just like everybody else…

3. We all have interests outside of music; Robb is a championship winning square dancer, Kiron is really in to Motocross, Darrek has an extensive telescope collection, James practices Bonsai cutting and Ben received 4th place at the Sturgeon County hotdog eating contest.

4. All of Kiron’s guitars are custom pinstriped, hand painted by El Gordo Pinstriping

5. Each year, at our “Gigathon”, we play for 24 hours straight to raise funds for the patient financial assistance program for The Alberta Cancer Foundation.We’ve raised over $30,000 to date. The program supports those in need while undergoing cancer treatment.

They’re charitable and can square dance? What’s not to love. Listen to “Don’t Hold Back” on the Top Country Discovery Songs Playlist now!