Top Country Secrets With Nice Horse

If you’re a fan of perfectly blended four part harmony, you’ll love upcoming country group Nice Horse. The band of four strong women are turning heads with their debut full length album, ‘There Goes The Neighbourhood‘.

From the good-time spirit of their current single ‘Pony Up‘ to the thought provoking ballad, ‘Hold Your Horses‘, Nice Horse shows their musical diversity throughout the album. If you’re looking for a feminist anthem, listen to ‘Mansplainin’‘. ‘Beer Baby Banjo‘ will also make any woman feel empowered with lyrics like “gonna run this pony show with a beer in one hand, baby in the other, still playing the banjo”.

The album ends with ‘Hold Your Horses‘ which tells the story of a couple’s difficulties after the wedding bells stop chiming. The lyrics paint a vivid picture of a couple fighting to stay together while at the same time wanting to let go, making this one of the most relatable songs on the album.

Favourite Lyrics from ‘There Goes The Neighbourhood’:

‘Hold Your Horses’
“We said yes to the worst and the best, the picture up on the wall said we had it all, but the dust has built up on our hearts as we grow farther & farther apart”

“Thank the good lord he made men to show us how to do it right” (said in the most sarcastic tone ever 😏)

‘Six String Outlaw’
“Just another desperado, trying to leave his mark”

Top Country Secrets with Nice Horse

Nice Horse shared their Top Country Secrets with Top Country in Saskatoon during PotashCorp Country Music Week.  Can you guess which one is the lie?!

  1. Brandi is a member of the Navy
  2. Katie used to work for Bryan Adams
  3. Kaley’s first instrument was the trombone

Discover the lie in the video below!

Listen to ‘Pony Up’ on the Top Country Discovery Playlist.