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Top Country Pick: The Reklaws’ I Do Too

I Do Too The ReklawsWhile The Reklaws can write one hell of a party song, their latest single “I Do Too” is a refreshing opportunity for fans to get to know the duo on a more personal level. The song illustrates the struggle of self-doubt, even when your dreams are coming true.

It’s easy to jump to conclusions on social media. Someone may seem like they’ve got it all figured it out, but we can’t really know a person behind the filtered life they’ve carefully curated on Instagram. When you’re feeling less than, behind, or worried you’ll lose your way, listen to “I Do Too”.

We all need reminders that we’re not alone. Being a human is hard, there’s no sugar coating it. Every day presents a new set of obstacles but the more we acknowledge we’re in this together, the easier life becomes. So we just want to say thank you to The Reklaws for being vulnerable and taking a chance by bringing this important message to country radio.

Listen to this week’s pick, “I Do Too” by The Reklaws, on the Top Country Songs playlist below. Be sure to let us know what you think!

Top Country Pick of the Week: “I Do Too” – The Reklaws

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