Q&A: Doc Walker on their new single “That’s What I Call Love”

We recently got the chance to chat with Dave and Chris from Doc Walker about their new single “That’s What I Call Love”. Check out our Q&A with them below and then scroll down to watch the lyric video.

Q. Can you tell us a bit about “That’s What I Call Love” – what inspired you to write it?

D: There aren’t that many songs about love on country radio right now. That is not why Chris and I wrote it, but I can’t think of a better subject to write about. I find it hard not to write about it.

C: I have always been a fan of Love songs (aka “kind of a softie”). Also, as Dave and I are at the same points in our lives with family it was easy for us to relate to each other. I think the inspiration came from having those feelings you can only get when you have children or find someone that you were truly meant to be with.

Q: Why do you think the song has resonated so strongly with fans?

D: Any time you bare your soul and share personal experiences through song you will have an honesty and sincerity that cannot be fabricated by any storyteller.

C: I think this song connects with people because of its simplicity. It’s a song that gets to the point of love without a lot of distractions and it comes from an honest place.

Q: What is your favourite line/lyric from the song?

D: “We thought that we had the world, then along came a little girl”. Both Chris and I had two sons, life was at least a somewhat-manageable chaos. Then coincidentally we both had baby girls(!) Life = chaos… but, wouldn’t-trade-it-for-the-world type chaos. :)

C: You can revert to Dave’s answer on this one because we both feel exactly the same.

Q: How did you come up with the idea behind the lyric video?

D: I love the videos and stories that circulate on social media that make me feel better having seen it. Random acts of kindness, selflessness, generosity, and love! I have read stories of elderly couples dying within minutes of each other. My sadness is immediately quashed. I can only presume they can’t fathom living a minute without each other. That’s what I call love. For our video, we asked fans to submit photos that captured their definition of love.

C: The Idea of the lyric video was created by the great team we have at Open Road Recordings. The one thing I love about it is that it has pictures, not video, Pictures seem to capture a moment that can be timeless and the response we had from the fans was unbelievable. You can only capture those images from real life.

Q: Do you have a favourite photo submission from the video?

D: For the last 15 seconds of the video I am playing guitar for my baby daughter, so perhaps I am a little biased! Thank you to all who submitted photos. :)

C: I think they are all great but Dave and his little girl at the end is pretty darn cute. ;)


Watch the lyric video for “That’s What I Call Love” below!

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