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Renegade Station, Emerging Artist of the Month, Fun Facts

Renegade Station, Top Country’s Emerging Artist of the Month for July, is a dynamic and talented quartet from Alberta with country, rock and pop influences. As their name suggests, the group takes an unconventional approach to their music with a sense of independence. They inject both their original songs and pitched songs with healthy doses of pop and classic rock nuances, as well as lush production and layered vocal harmonies.

Renegade Station is a well established unit in western Canada. They have taken home Alberta Country Music Awards for Group of the Year (2015 & 2016), Fan’s Choice (2015) and Single of the Year for “Who’s Gonna Love Me Tonight”. They were nominated for Songwriter of the Year and Luanne won Bass Player of the Year at the CCMA awards.

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Renegade Station single artwork for "Free Free Free".

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Renegade Station Fun Facts

  1. Scotty loves to play Hockey! Used to work in a sports store and was an expert skate sharpener. He absolutely hates onions!!
  2. Kent love to Greenhouse, built his own greenhouse in 2020 when all our shows were postponed due to Covid. Grows a mean Zucchini!
  3. Russ is colour-blind as well! He has just started building his own guitars in the past year as well and loving it.
  4. Embarrassing story about Luanne. Elevator in Halifax during the CCMA’s. The whole band including 2 other gentleman. Luanne decides to be polite and introduce herself… the gentleman says hi I’m Bruce. Luanne’s states she is with the band Renegade Station and then gives her last name…. all the while thinking they look a little familiar but maybe not… he then tells her his last name, Good, and that he plays with the Good Brothers… D’oh! She almost died right there…
Renegade Station publicity photo