Reviewed: Terri Clark’s “Some Songs”

Review By: Shenieka Russell-Metcalf

Artist: Terri Clark
Album: Some Songs
Label: BareTrack Records/Universal Music Canada

Rating: 4/5

Terri Clark is back with her tenth studio album Some Songs which was released earlier this week. The ten-track effort gives listeners her signature country rock sound with solid vocals.

The album starts off strong with “Here Comes Crazy” – a fun song with an edgy rock sound— followed by her current radio single “Some Songs”.

My favourite from the album is “I Cheated On You”, a classic payback anthem. I know lots of ladies will enjoy this song – the lyrics, the sound and Terri’s voice work perfectly.

Terri slows it down on “Feelin’ Pretty Good Right Now”, a relaxed song that discusses enjoying time spent with your love. She also has a slower sound on “Bad Car”, about that car that you know is a piece of junk but holds so much meaning to you.

This album is excellent and I expected nothing less from Terri Clark, as she is one of Canada’s best.

Track Listing:

1.      Here Comes Crazy

2.      Some Songs

3.      Longer

4.      Don’t Start

5.      I Cheated On You

6.      Feelin’ Pretty Good Right Now

7.      Just Add Water

8.      Wheels Down

9.      Bad Car

10.  Better With My Boots On

Terri has upcoming tour dates this fall in Canada and the US. For tour dates, visit