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Runaway Angel: Top Five Tips to Get The Girl (Without Playing Hard To Get)

“It’s hard to get a girl playing hard to get”… truer words have never been spoken. Runaway Angel’s new single “Hard To Get” is the song every guy needs to here. And girls…you’ll be shouting AMEN after the first listen. It’s exhausting trying to read between the lines, especially if the lines are saying “I’m not that interested”. I mean…that’s just straight up confusing.

Thankfully, Runaway Angel have put together a list of dating tips for how to get the girl without playing hard to get. Tell all your guy friends, heck – tell ALL your friends, because this is a must-read.

Tip 1
“Be POLITE! I cannot stress how much of a turnoff it is when a man doesn’t show respect to the people around him. Not just to his date, but everyone that he converses with. I really notice people that look you in the eye, have good handshakes and wouldn’t think for a second that they’re the most important person in the room.” – Ann

Tip 2
“Be KIND! If you ARE going to play hard to get, don’t take it so far that it’s just mean! Don’t be making out with her sister while holding eye contact with your date and get her so upset that she drops her ice cream on her new shoes. Yes that was oddly specific, no that’s never happened to me. Just someone I know…” – Ann

Tip 3
“Be YOURSELF! I find that people have a tendency to be the ‘best versions’ of themselves on a date. While this is completely natural, it is not maintainable. The right person for you will like you for who you truly are, so it’s better to be your true self with them from the start. Being more honest and even showing some vulnerability will forge a better bond from the beginning and let you feel more free about who you are in the long run.” – Cadence

Tip 4
“Be INTERESTED! If you’re busy thinking about a goodnight kiss while she tells you about her summer abroad- She Can Tell. While physical chemistry is wonderful have with someone, so is connection- and True connection is the BEST chemistry. Listening to her when she talks about her friends, interests and family is a great way to forge a real connection. Bonus points for asking to hear more, giving advice, sharing your opinion.” – Cadence

Tip 5
“Don’t be too available. You’ve got your own life, LIVE IT! Sure, you should totally make time for your partner, go on fun dates, and do great stuff, but make sure you don’t let go of your friends. If you already have dinner plans, skiing plans whatever, with your friends, don’t break them. Any guy/girl who is interested wants you to enjoy yourself, and will still be waiting the few hours later when you get home. And the end of the day if the person you’re seeing wants to be there, they will.” – Stacey

Listen to “Hard To Get” below and let us know what you think!