Runaway Angel zeroThe upcoming female trio, Runaway Angel, recently released their sophomore album, Zero. During the creation process, the trio remained determined to record an album that was one hundred percent honest and true to who they are as artists. They actively chose not to conform within a certain mold, instead, they created music the way it was meant to be, with Zero limitations.

TC: If you could describe “Zero” in 3 words or less, how would you describe it?
RA: Fearlessness and feels!

Zero‘s fun and vibrant lead single “Witness” sets the tone for the pop/country album. While Cadence, Ann and Stacey have all had major successes in their own rights as solo female artists, it’s their collective talents that have led them to the perfect the recipe of harmony and friendship as Runaway Angel.

TC: How did your song “Witness” come to be?
RA: We were pitched this song by a publishing company (Ole) years ago and even though we weren’t actively searching for music at that point we couldn’t get the song out of our heads! When the time came to choose songs for our new album we reached out to them to see if it was still available. It turned out that although it had been on hold by a major artist for almost two years, it had JUST become available again. It was meant to be! We love how catchy and anthemic it feels. Although it’s all about finding your “plus one” it spoke to us because when we formed Runaway Angel, we got a “plus two”.

TC: How do you feel you’ve evolved musically and as a band since your last album?
RA: We’ve definitely grown a lot, even though it feels like yesterday that we released our first album! Mostly we’ve just really become more secure in ouselves as a team and really understand what we represent as well as how we want to be perceived to our fans. We wanted to show more of our personalities on this record which we hope comes accross. There are heart wrenching ballads, fun anthemic songs you can dance to and even some rock tunes! We cared less about what was expected this time around and just made the album that we wanted to make. More risks, less worries.

TC: Who is your dream collaboration?

RA: Washboard Union! We love them.

Who’s most likely to…

…appear on a reality show?
Probably Stacey! Stacey and Cadence actually met on a reality show.
…blow all their money on an impulse buy?
…fall onstage?
We all seem to have our moments… It’s a tie!
…dance in the pouring rain?
Another tie! Unless it was cold, then Stacey would hide.
…laugh at an inappropriate time/place?
….partake in a food challenge?
This is tough. We’d have to say Cadence if it was cooking and Ann if it was eating.
…win a Nobel Peace Prize?
Molly! Stacey’s shihtzu.

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