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Top Country Secrets with Brother-Sister Duo The Reklaws

The Reklaws dropped their fun & catchy single, “Hometown Kids”, back in June this summer and we couldn’t wait to share their new music video. The hometown kids take on all kinds of college inspired summer adventure in this one! Home-video style footage of good times with friends, burgers and fries, sunshine, bathing suits and house parties. Is it true? … Summer 2017 is already over!? Well.. let’s reminesce!

Jenna and Stuart Walker, the siblings who make up country duo, The Reklaws share their Top Country Secrets. Can you guess which one is the lie?!

  1. “Stuart’s first instrument he ever learned was a 5-String Banjo”
  2.  “Jenna thought she was a dog when she was a child”
  3. “We went to Blake Shelton’s Halloween Party in Nashville”

Discover the lie in the video below!

Check out these behind the scenes photos from their “Hometown Kids” video shoot!

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Although part of a family of seven in total, these two found their passion at a young age, leading them to ultimately pursue a career in music together. Talk about a big family btw!

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The Reklaws burst on to the scene as a 2013 CCMA Discovery Program Artist. A dynamic country duo from Cambridge, Ontario, Canada that used to work on the family farm, which they say, ultimately helped shape who they are today. They learned early on that hard work pays off. “Country Music in our blood… literally” growing up on a working farm has shaped them in many ways, and taught them to understand the true meaning and appreciation behind country music!

Throughout the last three years, The Reklaws have been back and forth in Nashville, working on new music and we for one, can’t wait to hear more!

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