Amanda Sadler Premieres Music Video for New Single ‘Cross My Heart’

Rising country star, Amanda Sadler, released her latest single ‘Cross My Heart‘ on Friday June 2 and Top Country has the exclusive music video premiere! In the video, Amanda sings “I cross my heart that you won’t cross my mind” as pictures of her and an ex-boyfriend surround the singer.

Amanda sings “Looking in from the outside, I could see it from a thousand miles but boy I was so blind all along.” We’ve all been there…caught up in a relationship that felt like forever when in reality, we were blinded by love. ‘Cross My Heart’ is about the promise of saying that final goodbye to the toxic relationship. The moment of courage and empowerment.

Watch the music video for ‘Cross My Heart’ below!


Amanda Sadler is a Canadian singer, songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, and passionate philanthropist from Kingston, ON. With a fresh contemporary sound, Sadler is poised to make her mark on country music. Her angelic vocals with a hint of edge and talent for creating moments both on stage and in her songwriting have already captured the attention of Canadian Country radio and the industry alike.

In early 2017, Amanda Sadler released “Drop The Needle Down”. Upon hearing the song, we were quick to add Amanda to our Top Country Discovery Songs playlist on Spotify. Today, you can hear ‘Cross My Heart’ on the playlist. We can’t wait to see where this catchy new song takes her.

Keep an eye out for an upcoming EP from Amanda Sadler! For upcoming tour dates, visit her official website.

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