Bands On The Run Q&A with Clayton Bellamy

In case you haven’t heard, November is officially Bands On The Run month here at Top Country!

Stay tuned as we will be posting Q&As with the guys from the tour each Wednesday and Friday and we encourage you to comment below with your questions as well! – today we’ve got Clayton Bellamy from The Road Hammers!



Twitter: @claytonbellamy
Band: The Road Hammers – Follow on Twitter @theroadhammers
Current Single: I’ve Been Everywhere – Watch

Hometown: Bonnyville, AB
Zodiac sign: Libra
Last thing you Googled: Toxic Rainbow Loom bracelets
Canadian city you’ve never been to: Whitehorse
Favourite movie: Star Wars
Biggest pet peeve: Rude people
Background picture on your phone: My two kids
Favourite hockey team: Oilers

Q: What are you most excited about doing during the Bands On The Run Tour?
A: Seeing all the fans and playing the new record for them!

Q: What can fans look forward to seeing / hearing during your performances?
A: A Loud ass party!

Q: What do you think it will be like hitting the road with Doc Walker and Blackjack Billy?
A: No fun at all…haha it’s going to be amazing and a night full of great music!