Brandon Scott - Noise

Brandon Scott Premieres First Official Music Video as a Solo Artist

Brandon Scott is here to make some noise. The former lead singer of Cold Creek County has fans on their feet in his new music video for “Noise”. Watch the exclusive premiere of Brandon Scott’s first official music video as a solo artist.

With the release of “Noise”, Brandon is not only giving fans a taste of what’s to come but also inspiring them to live life to the fullest.

TC: What do you want fans to feel when they listen to “Noise”?
BS: “I really hope that when people listen to ‘Noise’ that they understand its meaning. You get ONE chance at life, you can sit back and let it pass you by or you can make an impact with it. Stand out. Don’t be afraid to take chances. Do your best to make your voice be heard. I hope that ‘Noise’ can inspire people to pursue whatever it is in life that they are chasing.”

TC: What are you most looking forward to about releasing music as a solo artist?
BS: “I am very excited to be coming out as a solo artist, it gives me the opportunity to really be the artist I’ve always wanted to be. I’ll be able to express that in the music that I write using my own experiences and by telling my own stories. I’m very excited for people to hear my new music.”

On April 7, Scott’s fans gathered in Belleville to celebrate the release of his debut single. Brandon was able to capture the excitement of the launch event in his “Noise” music video.

TC: What was your favourite moment during your launch event?
BS: “My Favourite part of the launch event was being able to reconnect with fans – it was so amazing to see so many people who have always been in my corner cheering me on. It was their messages and letters over the past year that really kept me going and to get the chance to talk to them all after the show was something very special to me.”

With the video directed by former MUCH VJ Tim Deegan, Brandon pays homage to his hometowns of Brighton and Belleville. Filmed through various locations throughout Quinte West, including Little Texas where his launch party took place, the video features Brandon shouting from the rooftops letting it be known the hometown boy is back.

Watch the video below and let us know what you think!