Dan Davidson Let's Go There Video We Were That Song Tour

Dan Davidson premieres “on tour” video for “Let’s Go There”

Dan Davidson’s new video for “Let’s Go There” was made for (and with) his fans! Instead of creating a full blown music video, Dan wanted to highlight his experience opening for Brett Kissel on the We Were That Song Tour.

“This video is more of a “tour video”. It’s showcasing the single “Let’s Go There” and also giving me a chance to get as many of the amazing country music fans in the video as I possibly can – because after all, it’s these people that have brought me to where I am now. I’m at such an exciting point in my career and it’s all be driven by support at country radio and love from genuine country music fans out there!

The “We Were That Song Tour” with Brett Kissel has been a huge touring milestone for me. This is officially the longest tour in Canadian country music history, and I wanted to take the opportunity to film as much of it as I could to give everyone out there a little behind the scenes look of how its been going. We’ve been playing crazy sold out rooms across Canada in cities and venues of all sizes. Its been fun to play for 2 sold out Danforth Music Hall’s in Toronto, and equally fun to play very intimate sold out venues in places like Melfort, SK.” – Dan Davidson

We asked Dan what it’s like singing his new single “Let’s Go There” to fans night after night on the We Were That Song Tour.

“It’s been amazing! SO cool to see people reacting to a new song for the first time. I see people starting to learn the words of the chorus throughout the song and then by the end most people are passionately belting it out (mostly not correctly – but they’re trying to it’s awesome! Haha) Seeing that kind of reaction from people on a first listen (especially in a live scenario) really makes me think there is something special about this song. I think it does a great job of connecting the fibres of what people loved about “Found”, but serving them up in a very different song.”

Dan Davidson is known for his out of the box music videos and for those of you who can’t wait for another one…don’t you worry, Dan has reassured us that there are more to come!

“With the scheduling craziness of a tour like this, we didn’t really have the time to do one of our usual crazy and fun music videos – BUT we already have plans for many more of those!!

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