Day 7: Dallas Smith – TC’s 12 Days of Christmas



Top Country’s 12 Days of Christmas featuring Canadian country artists and their favourite Christmas memories along with a gift giveaway from Lammle’s Western Wear and Tack!

Day Seven

Dallas Smith recently sat down with TC and chatted up about his favourites at Christmas.

1. What is your favourite Christmas memory?

My favorite Christmas memory would have to be getting a tin of my grandmas shortbread. Unreal good. Looked forward to that every year.

2. What’s your favourite dish on your family’s Christmas menu?

2. I’m a sucker for stuffing. Always the best part of a turkey dinner.

3. What’s your all-time favourite Christmas song?

Silent Night is hands down my favorite Christmas song. I`d love to do my own take on it one day. Hopefully next year I will get the opportunity.

4. What’s your favourite family Christmas tradition?

Our family tradition growing up was that when my sister and myself woke up we could go grab our stockings and bring them back to our rooms. We’d go thru those until my parents woke up.

5. What’s the one Christmas album you couldn’t live without?

Honestly, growing up we never had Christmas music playing at home. I have a few favorite songs but don’t know what my favorite album would be. Maybe someone can suggest some classics to my twitter account?



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