George Canyon

George Canyon’s “No One Has Eyes Like You” Will Melt Your Heart

George Canyon premieres the acoustic video for “No One Has Eyes Like You” on Top Country today. The song, co-written by Billy Currington, immediately spoke to George Canyon as it reminded him of his wife, Jennifer.

“No One Has Eyes Like You” is one of twelve songs on Canyon’s latest release, Southside of Heaven. It’s sure to make your heart melt with lyrics like “they fly me, they land me, most of all they understand me”. Watch the acoustic video below!

We sat down with George Canyon to talk about his new album, Southside of Heaven. George explained that the album draws inspiration from country music of the 90s.

Southside of Heaven is more of a step back to “Just Like You”, “I Believe in Angels”… it’s also touching a bit on 90s country. I played bars all through the 90s and I really…miss that country.”

George made sure to include only the best songs on this album. The country star noted that every song “has to create an emotion and I need each song to carry its own weight”. “No One Has Eyes Like You” certainly evokes an emotional response. If you’re looking for a song to sweep your significant other off their feet, look no further.

Watch the video below and discover George Canyon’s Top Country Favourites.